About us 關於我們

Yeong Long Air Hydraulics Co., Ltd have been established in 1988. From the beginning we started offer a wide array of industrial hose, hose assemblies, pipe fittings, tubing, fasteners, valves and other related hydraulic supplies all in an easy-to-use format, then gradually developed our crimping machines from smallest to industrial use. Over 20 years efforts and development, we have gained the trust and credibility from our domestic, international clients and distributors support. In this respect we maintain selected carefully and strictly on each parts of machines qualities, in order to let our customers have the good quality use and precisely crimping numerical on our client’s products. Our crimping machine’s range basically cover our clients variety and difference requirements, from workshop to industrial crimpers big diameter, nut crimping machines, and skiving machines.

Our crimpers are used in wide applications involving hydraulic hose, water pipe, air pipe, automotive components as (winging arm rubber bushes, air-conditioner pipe), construction equipment, railroad, electric power transmission as (amphenol connector), industrial hoses and tube, pipe, wire and steel cable etc. then joined together with metals, plastics fittings.

永隆空油壓有限公司建立於1988年。起初我們從事供應多種工業用管、油管總成、軟管接頭、製管 材料、扣件、閥和其他油壓管件供應,廣泛用於一般使用者且易於使用。隨之憑藉多年油壓系統專 業經驗漸漸地研發扣壓機,從最小台扣壓尺寸1 1/4英吋至工業型的扣壓機。經過20多年的累積付出 以及開發,贏得很多國內及國外客戶、經銷商信賴與支持。因此,為了維護該客戶與我雙方之信用 和責任上,我們嚴守精選機器上每個零件的品質,以讓使用者可擁有良好的品質使用以及準確性扣 壓數值。我們公司扣壓機使用範圍很廣,從一般生產型扣壓機至工業大直徑扣壓機、螺母扣壓機以 及削皮機,基本上都涵蓋了客戶多變化以及不同的需求。只要客戶的相關管產業包含油壓管、水管 、通風管、汽車的零件如(三腳架控制臂---橡膠、冷媒管)施工設備、鐵路、電力傳輸如(電纜接頭)、 工業用管、輸送管及鋼繩等等搭配金屬、塑膠接頭。